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What makes our camera fundamentally distinct from all the others ?
Major distinguishing features of TTcam are:
• Ergonomic, pyramidal design providing stability even on rough or uneven surfaces.
• Flexibility due to its adaptive modules for use in a multitude of conditions for just about any purpose.
• Shooting at any viewing angle 360-270-180-90 and technical properties robust enough to withstand mechanical damage.
• Full function capability though the use of cost effective modules. You only buy what you need. No unnecessary parts required.
• Although each lens is not able to shoot in 4K format, we consider that an amateur camera doesn’t need this. If included it would have an impact of the price.
• With all cameras working together a 4K image is achieved. But if each camera separately made an image of that format it would be very heavy to transfer all data online or to upload to the cloud through LTE module. Along with that, saving the data on a flash drive would take large amounts of memory.
Why each lens of the camera is not able to shoot in 4K format ?
We consider that an amateur camera doesn’t need this. This would lead to unreasonable increase of price. All the cameras together make 4K image. But if each camera separately made an image of that format it would be very heavy to transfer all data online or to upload them in cloud storage through LTE module. Along with that, saving the data on a flash drive would take large amounts of memory.
What is the impact of a sudden power outage on the camera ?
If, for example, the camera works for video surveillance and is permanently connected through a power-line - in the event of a complete power outage the camera continues functioning for about 1,5 hours maintaining security.
How can I order TTcam and additional modules and where can it be delivered ?
You can order the camera and/or one of the additional modules in one of three colours. Check the website at the “PRODUCT” section.
The delivery can be made to any point of the world that you indicate.
Do I pay for delivery ?
No, delivery is part of our service. Another unique element to buying the new TTcam.
What are the aims, objectives and prospects of TTcam ?
Since the invention of cinematography only the quality of the image has changed… but now it’s time to move away from “tunnel-frame” viewing that’s actually unnatural for humans - and switch to a new level of optical perception.
With the development of internet-based technologies a true breakthrough is not far off. We, and our like-minded people want to be in leading positions… we know what we need and to what we want.
We decided to make a 360 camera better than anything on the market, so we set to work to push the technology to make the best.
The shortcomings of previous cameras have been taken into consideration.
TTcam is not one more expensive toy or the next needless gadget! We’ve created a comparatively inexpensive, robust, multi-function modular 360 camera.
To get a glimpse of the future, we’re creating a whole new sector of software and technological products. We are constantly developing and adjusting TTcam to improve and enhance all possible VR services. As we find solutions we’ll create the products.
What kind of photos can I make with my TTcam ?
In photo mode the camera is able to make both ordinary high-quality and panoramic photos, which can be printed onto photo regular paper if you wish.
Also you can stop the video footage at any frame (locked picture) and save it as a photo, rather like a screen shot
Is TTcam waterproof ?
The camera itself is deliberately not a waterproof device to avoid overheating in normal use. For use in water, we’ve created separate special waterproof protective cases made of strong plastic. /b>
How long can I shoot on a full charge of TTcam battery ?
Battery life depends on the mode chosen for video shooting. The average batter time on continuous use, on one full charge, is 1,5-2,5 hours.
Is it possible to return the product after purchase ?
If you find any of the features of TTcam unsuited (colour, size, weight, assemblage and other) we are ready to provide a full refund within 14 days after receipt as long as TTcam is returned in original condition with original packaging intact.
Can I choose the colour of my TTcam ?
You may choose from 2 colours: White or Black.
I’m a member of the media/press, how can I reach the TTcam team ?
For media inquiries please use the ‘Contact Us’ form on the website. For Press photos and logos, please send your request by e-mail.
Where is TTcam made ?
The TTcam is engineered in Russia. We have several industrial partners located in Asia, and have also identified several manufacturing partners in Europe and Canada who are capable of assembling the TTcam for us. However, at this stage, the final decision has not been made.
Can I purchase several cameras in bulk ?
We have a pre-order web page on our site. If your request is urgent, please do not hesitate to contact us at
What is your warranty ?
We offer 1 year warranty on TTcam.