It is the first universal 360°camera -
it is really unique thing

TTcam is a camera able to meet new requirements and tackle a number of tasks in various spheres without missing a single scene. Entire world in your one frame.


Technical specifications

Horizontal & vertical view
Panoramic view**

Parameters Photo/Video/Audio
Video format
Video minimum resolution
Maximum resolution
Image sensor
Image stabilization
Dashboard camera mode
Noise damping
Acceleration gauge
Auto white balance
Lens type
Mode of time-lapse
Audio format

Power setting /Controlling
Internal battery
Replaceable battery**
LED green/blue
LED red
LED red flashing
Data storing**
Built-in Wi-Fi
Built-in Bluetooth
Communications port
Remote control

Compatible mobile/PC OS


H.264 / mp4
1080P(Full-HD)@60fps -420P@240fps
4Ê (4096x2048@60fps)
48MP (3õ16MP CMOS F2.8)
Electronic (Digital) Image Stabilizer
Auto power and rerecording
Programmed switching
Programmed turn off
Programmed turn off
3 Fisheye lenses
Mono, 96 khz, 64 Kbit AAC
3 microphones

Li-po 1200mAh
Li-po 1600mAh
LED indicator (R,G,B)
Photo/ Video mode
Damageor SD card is not inserted
Needs to be charged
Micro SD up to 128GBclass 10
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 4.0
Micro-USB 3.0 & mini-HDMI & Special
Viewfinder, control, edit in gand exchange through smart phone applications
IOS 8+, Android 4.3+,Mac OSX, Windows

** Optional / Add-on module is required

More user information about TTcam

Our camera in use is not more difficult than an ordinary photo camera. Ease of use and unique capabilities are important features of TTcam. Thanks to snap-on clips its additional modules can be easily replaced and require no special knowledges and skills.

The camera control is intuitive

There are only 5 buttons (on/off button, Wi-Fi button, button to start shooting and two buttons for switching lenses on and off). Simple programme controlling represents the short list of comprehensive settings, which help you to easily control panoramic views in all directions using a touch screen, mouse or the keyboard.

Design elements - stability and reliability.

The TTcam’s design is based on a pyramid of equilateral triangles (tetrahedron) with three 180° lenses capable of capturing 360° horizontally and nearly 320° vertically.
It also has an additional (optional) modular assembly
providing circular panoramic view of 360° x 360°.
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Technical features

Below you will find the TTcam’s key technical features,
which distinguish it from ordinary cameras:

• Now there is no need to move a viewfinder from one object to another or point camera lens at your self, to make smart selfie.
• You can now capture all of your friends in a one picture.
• In addition, sensitive microphones are fitted beneath every lens, creating a rich distinctive sound from every side in equal volume.
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Although we have elaborately designed every block and every component, we reserve the right to introduce modifications to make the final product better. Hope for your active participation.

The fourth camera module

Fourth camera gives possibility to shoot 360x360° as distinct from basic configuration shooting 360x320°. Additional camera module can be connected both directly to the base block and remotely with the use of extension cable significantly expanding the scope of application of the device.


Module with auxiliary battery

It allows extending working time of the camera TTcam almost twice as much. The module has an inbuilt magnet and can be fixed to metal surfaces. The assembly also includes hinged wall mount and standard tripod mount (1/4'').


4G LTE module

With it you can hold live video broadcasting from any place within the network coverage area and direct a data stream from the camera to any available cloud service.


Glass modular enclosure

fitted with the motion sensor and infrared (IR) lighting. It is meant for outdoor and indoor video surveillance by day and by night. The enclosure is protected against external impact and manifold extends the camera’s service life.


Waterproof hermetic plastic enclosure

provides TTcam with a reliable protection against moisture, dust, early wear. It also guards the camera’s lenses against mechanical damages and even enables underwater shooting.


Modular block with colour LCD display

With it you can quickly view and edit images as well as change settings directly on the device without using a smartphone or other special controlling gadgets.