Panoramic view is now being used in increasingly widespread situations and by some of the world’s corporate giants including Facebook, Google, YouTube and many others.

Camera shooting and control

The results of the unique TTcam panoramic view systemcan easily be downloaded and demonstrated into their software.
Our specially designed TTcam software is able to perform a great number of tasks. Images from the TTcam can be displayed on screen in separate windows as well as being immediately integrated into one picture allowing you to create panoramic view in online mode.
The control of camera parameters is also performed through the program. You can move a panoramic view by using a computer mouse, directional keys on keyboard or a touchscreen. The software compatibility with iOS, Windows OS and Android platforms make it easy to use with tablet PC or smartphone.
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The Impossible Is Possible !

The camera’s scope of application is almost unlimited. Unique flexibility of the device allows its use for a variety of tasks including simple everyday applications and in extreme conditions.
For specific condition use, additional modules are available to facilitate the following:
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Free basic software

• multiplex with scanning fisheye
• circular panorama stitching
• access with password protection
• create your own settings
• the shooting mark (date / time )
• rotation and zoom • archiving
• compatibility with the operating system
other functions

Expanded basic software

• optimizer change objective lens
• adjustment of the crosslinking by heat map
• connect up to 50 cameras and more *
• differentiation of user access rights
• emergency sms / e-mail notification
• built-in photo editor and video images
• support for the special unit • geolocation
• realtime streaming • multilanguage

Special modular software

• loud sound detector
• detect detector persons
• detect the detector of car plates
• detector zone (3 zones or more *)
• auto search camera • sabotage detection
• heat map traffic intensity
• personally developed
and other additional modules