Latysheva street in Astrakhan city, Russia

Latysheva Street and Savushkina Street in Astrakhan, Russia, intersect at a bustling transport hub that serves as a vital artery of the city. This vibrant intersection, captured by a webcam, showcases the dynamic flow of traffic and the continuous movement of vehicles, providing a real-time glimpse into the city's pulse.
Latysheva Street is named in honor of Ivan Latyshev, a prominent Russian economist and statesman who made significant contributions to the country's economic development. Savushkina Street, on the other hand, takes its name from the renowned Savushkin family, who played a crucial role in Astrakhan's cultural and social life. Both streets have a rich historical legacy, dating back to the 19th century. Over the years, they have witnessed the transformation of Astrakhan, evolving from humble beginnings to become important thoroughfares that connect various parts of the city.
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