Town Square - view to Castle Morosini Grimani in Svetvincenat, Croatia (cam #2)


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The Town Square offers a view of the magnificent Castle Morosini Grimani. This historic landmark stands as a testament to the rich and storied past of the region. Castle Morosini Grimani, dating back to the 13th century, bears witness to centuries of architectural grandeur and cultural significance. Originally built as a fortification, the castle has since evolved into a symbol of power and nobility.
Visitors to the Town Square are treated to a panoramic view of Castle Morosini Grimani, where they can imagine the stories that lie within its walls.
Whether you're captivated by the allure of medieval castles, intrigued by local legends to immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of Croatia, Svetvincenat's Town Square and Castle Morosini Grimani are sure to leave a lasting impression.The live camera captures the entrance to the park and its main attraction.
Live camera filming the castle from the back of the park.


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