Coastline and Fisht Stadium in Sochi city, Russia


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Fisht Stadium, named after Mount Fisht, is a magnificent structure located within the Olympic Park in Sochi. It gained international fame during the 2014 Winter Olympics and hosted the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as various sporting events. Designed with a striking roof that resembles a snow-capped peak, the stadium stands as a testament to modern architecture and engineering prowess. The live camera captures the stunning view of this coastal area, where the stadium proudly stands as a symbol of sporting excellence.

The Olympic Park itself is a sprawling complex that stretches along the coast of the Black Sea. Besides the Fisht Stadium, it encompasses a multitude of impressive venues, including the Iceberg Skating Palace, the Bolshoy Ice Dome, and the Adler Arena Skating Center. These venues played host to a wide range of winter sports during the Olympics and continue to hold various sporting and cultural events.


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