Shipbuilders Square in Severodvinsk city, Russia


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Shipbuilders Square, located at the intersection of Lomonosov Street and Morskoy Prospect, stands as a vibrant hub within the city of Severodvinsk. This square, situated on the transportation ring road, holds historical significance. The webcamera captures the bustling activity of the square and the continuous flow of traffic along the ring road.
Lomonosov Street, one of the intersecting roads, is named after the renowned Russian polymath, Mikhail Lomonosov, who made significant contributions to various fields of science and education. Maritime Avenue on the other hand, reflecting the city's close ties to the sea and its shipbuilding industry. Shipbuilders Square derives its name from the shipbuilding legacy that has shaped Severodvinsk's identity. As a prominent naval and shipbuilding city, Severodvinsk has been at the forefront of Russia's maritime industry for decades. The square serves as a tribute to the skilled shipbuilders who have contributed to the city's growth and prosperity. At the heart of Shipbuilders Square stands a sculptural memorial composition known as "Peace and Labor."


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