Ewilpa - The Edible Wild Plants Park in Bad Pyrmont, Germany

Nestled in the picturesque town of Bad Pyrmont, Germany, lies the remarkable Ewilpa - The Edible Wild Plants Park. This unique park, renowned for its diverse plant species and educational value, offers visitors an immersive experience in the world of edible wild plants.
The live camera captures the panoramic beauty of Ewilpa, allowing viewers to witness the park's landscapes from a bird's-eye view. Beyond the park's borders, the camera reveals the surrounding countryside, with its rolling hills and picturesque vistas.

As visitors explore the park, they can encounter a diverse array of plants, from herbs and berries to mushrooms and wildflowers, each with its unique story and culinary potential. Educational signposts along the paths provide insightful information about the plants' characteristics. Ewilpa goes beyond being a mere park; it serves as an educational hub, offering workshops, guided tours, and interactive activities that delve into the art of foraging and the sustainable utilization of wild plants.
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