Zolotaya Dolina mountain resort in Korobitsyno village, Russia (cam #4)


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Zolotaya Dolina mountain resort, nestled in the picturesque village of Korobitsyno in the Leningrad region, offers a splendid getaway for ski enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. This idyllic resort boasts a wide array of amenities and attractions, ensuring a memorable experience for visitors throughout the year.
During the warm months, the resort transforms into a haven for outdoor activities. One of its features is the artificial lake, designed specifically for water skiing and other water sports. The sprawling forests provide a tranquil environment, inviting guests to explore their beauty through hiking trails or simply enjoy a leisurely stroll amidst the peaceful surroundings.
A live camera is strategically positioned to capture the scenic beauty of the resort. The camera's lens is focused on the tranquil lake and the vibrant recreational area at the entrance. It allows virtual visitors to catch a glimpse of the captivating scenery and the lively atmosphere of the resort, enticing them to embark on their own adventure in this natural paradise.


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